Our Goals…

  • Establish Ending The Game as “Evidence-Based”.  (There are currently no intervention curricula for sex trafficking survivors in the U.S. with this designation.)
  • Establish Ending The Game as a “Promising Practice”.  (There are currently no intervention curricula for sex trafficking survivors in the U.S. with this designation.)
  • Contribute valuable research and best practices in the field of trafficking survivor resiliency.

Where We Are…

  • 2014: In collaboration with UC Davis Northern California Training Academy, developed and began collecting participant and facilitator surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of ETG
  • 2015-2016: Collected dozens of pre and post curriculum surveys from participants and facilitators across various demographics, collecting both qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Ongoing: Continue collecting evaluation materials and conducting interviews with over 100 trained ETG Facilitators in 8 states (and growing!)

Where We’re Going…

  • 2017: Publish research findings on the effectiveness of ETG in a peer-reviewed journal.

What The Research is Finding…

  • Reduction in AWOL behavior and recidivism to commercial sexual exploitation
  • Reduction in feelings of attachment to a trafficker or the trafficking lifestyle
  • Increase in knowledge about psychological coercion
  • Increase in feelings of self-esteem and worth outside “the life”

This letter was written by an ETG student after completing the course. 

Tiffany Liles
ETG Facilitator / Sun-Rise Community Services (Las Vegas, NV)

An Eye-Opener

If I was required to complete this program by the courts when I was arrested, I don't think I would have been trafficked for so many years - its quite an eye opener.

Rebecca Kotz

Root-reaching Curriculum

The curriculum/our experience has been amazing! It has been by far the most effective and root-reaching curriculum we have used. I have been really impressed by the growth of the participants in a short period of time.

Brittany Pearson
ETG Survivor Participant / Purchased (Shreveport, LA)

Truly life changing

(ETG) is what really opened my eyes and broke chains for me! It put everything into perspective and just kept it real.  Truly life changing.

Myra Miller
ETG Facilitator / Gems Uncovered (Long Beach, CA)

The course has changed my life

We have no idea the impact we make when we come as facilitators to listen, learn, and love each week. The course has changed my life.

Mary E. White
Program Director / Gems Uncovered (Long Beach, CA)

Extremely well done... helps to begin the healing process

Ending The Game curriculum was utilized for our Free to Be Me (formerly known as the 180 Diversion Program.) The curriculum was extremely well done and was well received by the participants. The detailed information provided by survivor input for the curriculum truly helped the participants understand how they got into the life. Particularly, understanding the psychological effects of coercion and red flags to be aware of in relationships. The homework was a great reinforcement of what they learned. The Facilitator Training provided with the curriculum was by far the best I’ve seen. I would highly recommend this to foster care homes, group homes, and shelters where HT victims are placed. This curriculum helps to begin the healing process.

Robbie Hamilton
ETG Survivor Participant / New Friends, New Life (Dallas, TX)

Sooooo much more than I expected

I've taken other trauma-healing type curriculum, and they are nothing compared to this.  I especially loved the chapter on how our brains work to protect us.  I'm so thrilled to be part of this... it's emotional, yes, but so, so necessary.  I had no idea.

Debbie Lassiter
Executive Director, 1-on-1 ETG Facilitator / Convergence Resource Center (Milwaukee, WI)

Strength and Character

It is amazing how the women continue to grow and find strength as they develop more character and vision through these lessons.

Josie Feemster
ETG Facilitator, Survivor / RISE Program (Redwood City, CA)

The youth were engaged

We did have our first session on 3/3/15 and it well. I think that the youth were engaged and while the videos were playing they seemed so interested.

Susan Munsey
Executive Director / Generate Hope (San Diego, CA)

One of the best groups we've ever had

The women really enjoyed it even when there was tough material to get through. I felt it was one of the best groups we've ever had, really getting to the meat of the matter. Thank you for introducing us to ETG.

Wanda Frazier
ETG Facilitator / Convergence Resource Center (Milwaukee, WI)

ETG Class is a Healing Ground

One of our survivors stated that this ETG class is a healing ground for her. She calls it “The Upper Room” and she is anxious to bring other survivors into the fold.

Sandra Erkert
ETG Facilitator / Forgotten Children (Los Angeles, CA)

This is really good stuff

This is really good stuff. I think the ladies were surprised to see that other ladies had some of the same experiences they had. This allowed them to open up and talk