Ending the Game Curriculum Kit

What’s inside (in order of video appearance):

  • Premium custom box
  • Jar and orange food coloring dye
  • 10 rhinestone mirror compacts
  • ETG Value Cards, set of 32 cards
  • ETG Sack/Backpack, extra large
  • 10 strings and washers, set of 5
  • 10 ETG Response Wheel Plug post-it pads
  • 10 ETG Affirmations Pens
  • 10 ETG Color Pens
  • “My Choice” Activity Cards, set of 5 cards
  • Runaway Girl book by Carissa Phelps
  • Response Wheel poster
  • Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan

Number of Kits (shipping included)

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