ETG Supporter Training

This 8-hour course will provide a broad overview of best practices for supporting sex trafficking victims and a focused look at supporting coercion resiliency.  

Topics include domestic sex trafficking facts and statistics, “the game” (trafficking subculture), the breaking process, psychological coercion, dual identity, recidivism, language sensitivity, and how to support a survivors’ true self.

The overarching goal is to foster a deeper awareness of trafficking victims’ needs and offer practical skills to aid in victim resiliency.

This course will be led by sex trafficking survivors using lecture, small group activities, video clips, and application exercises.

Read a sample of Ending The Game Supporter Training Evaluations. (& more evaluations) (…and more)

Watch the 5 minute video below of snippets from the ETG Supporter Training or, for a longer preview of the training, register to watch the 1-hour video on Psychological Coercion.

ETG Supporter Training Learning Objectives:

  • Define “coercion” in accordance with psychology and mental health definitions
  • Describe the common coercion process in trafficking: Bend, Break, Build, Lock
  • Identify signs of dual identity within trafficking victims
  • Explain the impact of language and word choice in reinforcing or fighting coercion
  • Explore best practices for speaking to a survivor’s true self
  • Practice motivational communication skill: OARS
  • Provide an overview of the Ending The Game Curriculum


Who is ETG Supporter Training For?

  • All staff at survivor housing facilities
  • Mentors and church volunteers
  • Attorneys and legal advocates
  • Law enforcement
  • First responders
  • SART Nurses
  • FFAs
  • Family members of survivors

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