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Do you offer services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation? Are you looking for a powerful, life-changing curriculum that leads to growth and positive community? If you answered yes, come join over 1,200 ETG Facilitators across the nation who share this important, challenging and rewarding mission.

Please take a moment to read our FAQs about Certification Process, Cost, Curriculum Features, and more. When you're ready to move forward simply click Become A Facilitator below to complete a 5-minute registration form.

Is ETG Supporter Training right for your group?

This advanced-level professional training is designed for anyone who has any contact with sex trafficking victims in any capacity and for those who have decision-making responsibilities regarding sex trafficking victims. Please visit the About ETG Supporter Training page to learn more.

We accept

Can ONLY be used by trained ETG Facilitators

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ETG Facilitator Kits include branded, durable materials to facilitate all hands-on activities plus an ETG Affirmation Poster and custom Essential Oils room spray to help set a positive atmosphere. (not all items are pictured here) We recommend 1 kit per 2 facilitators. Limited time FREE SHIPPING!

What's inside

  • Premium custom box
  • ETG Value Cards, set of 32 cards
  • ETG Sack/Backpack, extra large
  • 10 mirror compacts
  • Jar and food coloring dye
  • Runaway Girl book by Carissa Phelps
  • 10 strings and washers, set of 2
  • “My Choice” Activity Cards, set of 5 cards
  • 10 ETG Response Wheel Plug post-it pads
  • 10 ETG Affirmations Pens
  • 10 ETG Color Pens
  • Response Wheel poster
  • Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan